New Zealand is an extremely beautiful country with a multicultural population of approximately 400万人. 新西兰有丰富的文化生活, 和混合的欧洲人居住在一起, Maori, 波利尼西亚, Asian, etc. New Zealanders are considered friendly and easy going people who love to meet people from different cultures.

New Zealand is an 英语 speaking country with a British heritage, but does not have the regional accents and dialects of Britain or the USA. 所以你很快就会发现猕猴桃很容易理解. The grammar is exactly the same and the vocabulary is 99.9%,和美国一样. 十大棋牌游戏的教育制度在全世界受到尊重. 如果你想要安全,遇到友好的人, 新西兰是说英语最好的国家.

In New Zealand, you can enjoy both urban and rural lifestyle. The country is full of luscious 山, large forests, beautiful plains, lakes, and beaches. People from all over the world come to New Zealand to visit the dramatic and varied landscapes, 缤纷的海洋和海滩, 冰雪覆盖的群山. New Zealand has a temperate climate, and the country is surrounded by the Pacific and Tasman Oceans.

新西兰也不受污染,不受污染. And even the world famous national parks have no dangerous animals or insects. The low exchange rate and cost of living means you can live, study and travel for 20 – 50% less than other 英语 speaking countries. New Zealand’s great outdoors are clean, green and unspoiled. Uniquely blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches, 港口, 山, fields, 世界上的森林和湖泊, 新西兰已经准备好去探险了. Travelling to these destinations are fast and easy, just one hour by air! Pure NZ is our recommended link for more information on visiting New Zealand (site is available in 英语, 中国人, German, 日本和韩国).

New Zealand is known for exporting products like fish, meat, fruits, dairy products and timber. The country is also leading in areas like information technology, biological and medical research. New Zealand is also gaining popularity in areas such as tourism and education. All in all, New Zealand is a great place to STUDY, WORK, and LIVE.




新西兰货币(纽元)相当稳定. The residents and tourists get a fairly good exchange rate and this further gives them high purchasing power.


New Zealand gave shelter to Europeans, Maoris, 波利尼西亚s, and Asians. People from different countries can reside here and maintain their culture and religion. 新西兰法律保障信仰自由, and therefore people from different cultures can easily remain close to their culture and religion.


New Zealand’s transportation system is appreciated by everyone. 当学生或游客到来时, 他们可以很容易地租到出租车,甚至坐飞机, 铁路及巴士服务. There are regular flights to different cities from the major airports. The air, rail, and bus fares are also considerably cheap.


奥克兰是新西兰的教育中心, 与国际知名大学合作, 研究中心, 高级中学, 以及世界一流的语言学校. Auckland region alone has about 50% of total international students that reside in New Zealand.


Auckland region also attracted more than $300 million overseas investment in the past few years and has many industries such as: education, 制造业, 分销及服务行业. In fact, most of the creative sector jobs can be found in Auckland. Auckland has a robust infrastructure that easily caters the current and future business needs.




ICL商学院研究生院, Auckland 英语 Academy and Bridge International College are all located in Auckland City. Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest and most diverse city, with a population of approximately 1.400万人. Living in Auckland, you are never more than 20 minutes away from one of the many beautiful beaches. ICL Education campus is located right in the heart of it all in the central CBD. Buses, trains and ferry are a short walk from the campus, making it easy to explore the city. You’ll never be stuck for things to do while in Auckland. The City Centre is by the amazing waterfront with thousands of boats which is why Auckland is called ‘The City of Sails’. Auckland has more boats per capita than any other city in the world! 奥克兰是新西兰的商业中心, 商店种类繁多, 食肆及娱乐场所. 在美世咨询2016年国际调查中, Auckland was ranked third in the world for its quality of living, 已经连续三年了. The Auckland City website offers a good insight into all the things you can do in our wonderful city, 在任何预算. School staff will be happy to help you plan your travel.


新地平线学院位于纳皮尔. Napier is a beautiful coastal city along the eastern shores of the North Island. The city has an incredible art deco inspired architecture. 城市和乡村生活的完美结合, this city is perfect for students who would like to experience a life in a quiet, 古色古香的小镇. However, Napier has all the necessary technology and transport that you would need.






  • 家庭寄宿
  • 共享一个公寓.



We do our best to find a suitable homestay family for each of our students. 寄宿家庭的优点是文化上的好处, the support and comfort of family life and the additional language support. A homestay is an excellent way to learn about New Zealand culture, make friends and practise your 英语 while living in New Zealand. 新西兰的家庭通常都很善良, 诚实和友好, 他们喜欢与来自其他文化背景的人见面.

十大棋牌游戏所有的寄宿家庭都定期接受检查. 巡查员走访了这些家庭, 采访家庭成员, 并确保它们适合十大棋牌游戏的学生. Students who require accommodation should request their homestay accommodation at least two weeks prior to starting their programme. 

The average time for students to commute from homestay to school is around 30 to 45 minutes.

如果学校为你安排寄宿, the minimum period will be four weeks or the full course if shorter. The homestay fee for this period and the placement fee are non-refundable. The School will only book your homestay after receiving your flight details. 


  • 每天说英语的机会
  • Two meals a day: breakfast and dinner, with lunch in the weekends
  • 你洗的衣服会洗好的

家庭寄宿 families will do their best to give you a ‘home away from home’


  • 遵守寄宿家庭父母制定的“家规”
  • Discuss these rules with your homestay family and be sure you understand them
  • 除非得到允许,否则不要抽烟或喝酒
  • Call your homestay family if you are going to be late home
  • 7点以前回家.30 pm on weeknights unless your homestay family have agreed to other arrangements
  • 工作日晚上在家睡觉
  • 一周内不接待客人过夜
  • Check with and get the agreement of your homestay parents if you want to ask your friends to sleepover on a weekend
  • NEVER have friends of the opposite sex sleeping in your room
  • 10点以前回家.00 pm at weekends if you do not have another prior agreement with your homestay
  • 不要在朋友家过夜, until you have informed your homestay family of your whereabouts and provided a phone number.


You should give two weeks’ notice, before leaving your host family.

If you need to leave your homestay family because of an emergency, you must contact your counselor or homestay co-ordinator immediately.


在寄宿家庭住了几个星期或几个月之后, you may decide that you can manage on your own or you may decide to share a flat or house with others. You should try and share with people who do NOT speak your language so that you can practise 英语! 检查租金成本, food and transport and make sure you can afford to change your living arrangements. The advantage of an apartment is that it can be much closer to school and gives you independence.



Students studying with us at AEA, NHC and Bridge enjoy a variety of activities on Fridays. This is a great way for students to enjoy the city they are studying in, 练习英语,创造终身记忆.












纳皮尔Shine Falls的新地平线大学学生



Out 和“新视野”学生一起在纳皮尔游荡





We have Student Services Officers who can give support in students’ first language. Our staff can speak more than a dozen languages; Mandarin, 日本, 葡萄牙语, 西班牙语, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, 越南, 举几个例子. The Student support staff are available if you need to talk to someone about any problems, 无论是个人还是学术问题. We can also refer students to outside professional counselling assistance when required.

All schools within 十大棋牌游戏 are signatory to the Ministry of Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

The School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, 由教育部长出版. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the 新西兰教育部网站.



签证和许可证要求的详细信息, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand 移民 Service, 并且可以在他们身上看到 website.



Most international students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. 如果您在访问期间接受治疗, 你可能要承担治疗的全部费用. Full details on entitlements to publicly-funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health, 并且可以在他们身上看到 website.



The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, 新西兰居民和临时游客, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. 有关详情,请浏览行政协调会网站.

Medical and travel insurance: International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. ICL can organize insurance for students, more details please view this website.



All schools under 十大棋牌游戏 has agreed to observe and be bound by the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, 由教育部出版. The summary of the Code is written here and is also available on request from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website.



When students from other countries come to study in New Zealand, 让那些学生见多识广是很重要的, safe, 并得到适当的照顾. New Zealand educational providers have an important responsibility for international students’ welfare. This summary provides an overview of the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, and provides a procedure that students can follow if they have concerns about their treatment by a New Zealand educational provider or agent of a provider.



If you have concerns about your educational provider or by an agent of the provider, 你要做的第一件事就是联系校长, 管理员, or another person who has been identified to you as someone that you can approach about complaints at your institution. The Code requires all institutions to have fair and equitable processes before you can take the complaint any further. The Code also establishes NZQA to receive and adjudicate on student complaints.



Our school provides a student online visa application service. 在申请学生签证之前, students must pay all tuition fees and meet the online visa application requirements. 请和十大棋牌游戏谈谈您的在线签证申请. If you are planning to study for more than three months, you will need a 学生签证. 如需更多资料,请浏览 新西兰移民局网站.



Visitor Visa is provided for visits up to three months (People exempt from having to obtain a temporary Visa). Citizens of the countries which don’t need to apply for a visitor visa when their citizens come into New Zealand include; Andorra, 阿根廷, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, 香港, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, 朝鲜(韩国), Italy, Japan, 基里巴斯, Kuwait, 列支敦斯登, 卢森堡, 马来西亚, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Nauru, 荷兰, Norway, Oman, 葡萄牙, Qatar, 圣马力诺, 沙特阿拉伯, 新加坡, 斯洛文尼亚, 南非, Spain, Sweden, 瑞士, Tuvalu, 阿拉伯联合酋长国, USA, Uruguay, 梵蒂冈城, 津巴布韦. If you are planning to study for less than three months, you need only apply for a Visitor’s Visa. 如需更多资料,请浏览 新西兰移民局网站.